JGB’s new broker extends an invite

by Janine Giordano / The Mercury
February 26, 2009
JGB’s new broker extends an invite

Pete Bussmann hard at work at JGB Properties, prior to their move to their new location, 142 Main Street, former home of Main Street Styles
Pete Bussmann hard at work at JGB Properties, prior to their move to their new location, 142 Main Street, former home of Main Street Styles. (Photo by Janine Giordano)

Stop in and say hi to JGB Property’s new broker, Pete Bussmann. That is a direct invitation from the man himself. Guaranteed you will find yourself endeared, inspired and educated as he shares anecdotes and philosophies while you become acquainted. After a few moments you will learn that the chat isn’t idle or without reason. While  you get to know one another, Bussmann is hard at work figuring out exactly what you are looking for and need in your life as far as your quest to purchase property.

With all the recent changes going on at JGB, the move to 142 Main Street and the addition of Bussmann as of Feb. 1, are the latest moves made to better serve the community. “I’m good at understanding what people need and helping them,” Bussmann said recently. It doesn’t take long for you to understand Bussmann and the concept that he is not only your broker, but a potential friend.

Finding beauty in life is another way Bussmann keeps busy, which is why he and his wife, Charlotte, and their two children, Christopher and Stephanie, moved upstate back in the mid-70s. “We moved to the area in 1976, after a camping trip to Cooperstown. We purchased the land from Joseph Peplinski from Fly Creek and spent two years looking for a business.”

In 1978, Bussmann purchased a propane company in Cooperstown and 11 years later he sold it to Agway.

“I used to be a commercial builder and I owned commercial and residential properties in the area,” Bussmann explained. After he sold his company to Agway he began developing a gas station, office and retail space in the town of Hartwick. Today those offices are now the Red Carpet Inn.

After retiring, Bussmann decided he wanted to stay busy, and since he enjoyed meeting people and helping people, real estate was the way to go. So while he spends his time finding the perfect match between prospect and property, his wife Charlotte works part time at Curves, in Cooperstown Commons. His children have since grown and moved on, with Christopher working at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. His daughter, Stephanie, is now married to journalist Dakin Campbell, formerly of Cherry Valley, and is working as an RN in the visiting nurse service in New York State.

The decision to make the move from Prudential Real Estate in Cooperstown to JGB Properties was partly based on the ideal setting Richfield Springs and the surrounding area offers to people looking to settle here. “It’s an excellent time to invest in homes, land or small businesses because the prices have never been this low. People can buy nice properties, or get mobile homes or sectional homes for a reasonable price,” he said.

His praise of the area for either families or retirees continued as he acknowledged, “we have good schools, excellent hospital services, low or no crime. They also have easy access by train or interstate, and is close to recreational areas with Canadarago Lake, Otsego Lake, Glimmerglass State Park. Baseball fans are only 16 miles from Cooperstown.”

Furthermore, he continued, “the opera house, and the Fenimore and Farmers’ museums, the revitalization of Richfield Springs make this a very attractive town,” he added.

“This is a very nice village, with all the services you need. And with the increases in tolls, Route 20 has seen more traffic which has helped the economy,” he noted, plugging the area for people considering relocating or starting a small business.

“I feel committed to Richfield Springs, working as a broker, and I feel we can bring something to the area,” Bussmann said. “So stop in and say hello if you are interested in buying or listing real estate with us. They can see either me or my associate broker, Pamela Andela.”