New development coming to Manlius

By Brad Vivacqua / / Syracuse-Oswego-Auburn
February 22, 2011

MANLIUS, N.Y. -- We talked to Mayor Mark Paul Serafin who's very excited about the potential of this project. If all goes as planned this project will give the entrance of the village a new look, some new living options, and a shot in the arm economically.

The development is set to be positioned at the entrance of the village where currently six older homes sit. The homes will be demolished after they are acquired by the developer and all permits are approved. The mayor says people living in those homes have founds other arrangements.

About five to six shops, a family-style restaurant, and six loft-style apartments will join a Key Bank to help improve the overall quality of life in the village.

"I get excited because I kind of think of it as Manlius' own version of what's happening in Armory Square where you could live in a place, you could go downstairs and have something to eat. You could shop, you could socialize, it's nice. I mean it's going to bring something really marvelous to the village," said Serafin.

A site plan is expected to be approved by the Manlius planning board by March 1.

The first phase of the project, which is the construction of the bank, could begin as early as the middle of next month. The entire project may be done by next year.

The mayor tells me this development is really going to help link the community with more options to walk and attend events in this area as well. There's also potential for other businesses on the other side of Route 92 as well.

The mayor says 27,000 vehicles drive through the heart of Manlius every day and there's certainly more opportunity to make the village a place to visit.